6s hockey

6s hockey is a fun, fast, exciting and inclusive way to play your favourite game!
It a perfect high-energy version of hockey, perfectly suited to our Summer Festival.

If you’ve seen or played indoor hockey or super 6s then you’ll have the basic idea. It’s played fast. Real end-to-end stuff. Possession is the key. Rolling subs ensures your team makes best use of your whole squad.
Think basketball with less hands and more sticks… and lower, bigger goals… and goalkeepers. So, not hugely like basketball at all then.

We play a mix of indoor and outdoor rules. So, you can lift the ball – if it’s safe to do so. We have short corners (indoor style). Long corners are played in a similar way to outdoor rules – but they’re taken from the half-way line. You do need a fully kitted up keeper (no “kicking back”).

All games are officiated by our, fully qualified umpires. This means that you can concentrate on your hockey and having fun!

Any other questions, please contact us and ask!

See below how it can look when played well!