Camping information

We’re really pleased that you’ve chosen to camp with us; it’s the best way to experience our festival!

You’ll have a dedicated area in the fields at our clubhouse to pitch your tent and a place to park your cars.

As some of you may be consuming alcohol, some normal, sensible rules will apply:

  • No glass on the campsite
  • No fires or naked flames. Please don’t damage the grass.
    There will be food available so there shouldn’t be a need for you to have to cook for yourselves!
  • Don’t leave anything in your tents.
    You won’t be there most of the time, and we won’t be held liable if anything is lost or stolen.
  • Please tidy up after yourselves
    If you leave a mess, we’ll have to tidy up after you – and our hangovers will make that very hard work 🙁

Toilets and washing facilities

There are toilets at the clubhouse that you’ll be able to use.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any female showers there.  Tip: Ladies, we advise you to shower at Dorcan Leisure Centre after you’ve finished your matches.


The clubhouse postcode is SN3 3LA.  See our Find us page for map and more details.


You will need to organise to get yourselves between the clubhouse and the pitches. It’s only a 3 minute drive, but quite a walk if you’ve forgotten your shin pads!

We will lay on transport Friday and Saturday night to get you in to town to our sponsor venues.